Our Tutors Make a Difference

Results from our annual surveys of teachers and tutors consistently reflect that our Schools of Hope tutors are helping to improve student skills and that the tutors are receiving the support they need to have a positive experience. School staff consistently respond in the 92%-97% range to statements that the volunteers contributed positively to an increase in student literacy skills, attitude toward reading, and positive changes in student behavior.

We’re pleased to know that 99% of our tutors feel that we’ve provided them with appropriate orientation and helped them to feel comfortable at the school. A benefit for tutors is that 98% say tutoring has increased their understanding of student and school needs.

What Are People Saying About Us?

  • It was a great way to invest time in a child’s life helping them. I love kids, so this volunteer experience just confirmed my desire to work with children someday
  • Volunteering is an excellent way to get to experience so many aspects of the day to day goings-on. You pretty much see it all…getting to know so many different aged kids is the best part!
  • Everyone that I worked with came with a smile and was very excited to see me. They were willing to get started working when they saw me walk into the classroom. They also loved my sense of humor and I try to make them laugh by the end of the session to make their day
  • The most positive aspect of volunteering is the contact with the children, seeing them progress, being energized by their enthusiasm and by knowing that I’m doing some good.
  • These tutors were the best! We developed a wonderful relationship with them. We hope they will want to continue with us!
  • This is a wonderful program. My students loved the tutors and they all begged to read with them.
  • The volunteers who are working with my students not only help teach academics but also establish relationships.
  • Many of the children chosen needed the one-on-one attention. Reading aloud to a caring adult does a lot for student reading progress at the elementary level
  • By providing a chance, the proper tools, and encouragement from positive role models the Schools of Hope AmeriCorps Project is helping each child to develop into a confident and dynamic person.
  • I have gotten the opportunity to meet amazing volunteers who dedicate their time to help children in need. I have the honor of working with extraordinary individuals who put others’ needs before their own and put forth their best efforts to help close the achievement gap.
  • My time with Schools of Hope has been an extremely rewarding experience and it has allowed me to push myself past my comfort zone and to grow more as an individual.
  • I have never regretted my decision to defer law school and take a year to serve on the Schools of Hope Project.