Tutoring in Middle Schools

Want to tutor in a Middle School?

The Urban League Middle Schools of Hope Tutoring Program utilizes hard working and dedicated volunteers to work with middle school students needing help with math and literacy. Volunteers will work primarily one-on-one/one-on-two or in small groups with students, and tutoring takes place in the school, either during the school day or during after school.

Successful volunteers will have the ability to:

  • Commit to volunteering at least one hour per week for at least one semester
  • Understand and engage in either math curriculum or reading/literacy support
  • Establish rapport and maintain a trusting and positive working relationship with their assigned student(s)
  • Advise students on effective study techniques and help them become independent learners
  • Effectively communicate sensitivity, respect, and understanding of the needs of students
  • Help motivate student(s) toward higher education

To apply to be a middle school tutor, please contact: